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June 26, 2004

After a long crazy week, I arrived home last night to the delight of a brown paper wrapped package perched atop the Welch Farm milk box on my front porch.  The back address made me smile as there could only be on thing inside a box from Maryland, and it was beer.  Yes, Wino Johnís Winery of the Month selection paid dividends to me as a sampling of Clipper City arrived at my doorstep.  Iím not trying to over step my bounds, but I strongly suggest he name Screaming Eagle WOTM, my milk box waits.  Not knowing what to expect, I hurried inside, found a sharp object and began slashing away at the packaging like it was a Red Ranger BB Gun.  I dug passed the bubble wrap; newspaper and foam wrap to unveil the prize sitting at the bottom of the box.  To my glee, I found six bottles from the High Seas collection of Clipper City Brewery.  This particular bottling was from the Red Sky at Night series, which boasted a descriptive name of Saison Ale.  Educating myself along the way, Saison is a summer ale that is top yeasted, slightly sour with a hoppy overtone, fragrant and dry.  The label contains a purchase before date of November 2004 so I am assuming I am enjoying this in its prime.  But it wasnít until I went on the Clipper City home page and saw the 7.5% ABV for this beer that I understood the saying on the neck label; ďItís Heavy Seas that separate the men from the Boys!Ē  Having recanted my early childhood fishing expeditions with my father in previous entries, I know what they mean. 

I am not a brewmeister in words so all I can say is that this is a powerful drink and not for the faint hearted.  A full, rich brew, the yeast was initially apparent and the sour style of this beer follows closely behind.  The hoppiness hit me on the clean dry finish.  I am tasting and then reading and trying to build up a knowledge base on beer, and I look forward to input from Beer Boy John and Hugh from Clipper City.  Note to Beer Boy, I will supply you with a few bottles from me sample so you can give me your impressions.  I am still in search of the High Seas Uber Pils, and will be hunting my local stores.  Next time I head to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, I will make time to tour the brewery and sample all the offerings.  If you have enjoyed any of the Clipper City brews, send me an email and I will post up your comments.


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