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Well, well, well, you open up your email and sometimes there is a jewel.  Beer Boy John finally put down his frosty cold mug and picked up his keyboard.  This is the kind of information I am hoping for to make this beer page work, as Beer Boy has a wealth of knowledge.  As he clearly points out, Beer Boy is a Hop Head.

DogFish Head Brewing
Milton, DE

A serious India Pale Ale brewed with real apricots and finished with whole-leaf Amarillo and Warrior hops.
7% ABV  55 IBU

"Must Try" for the HopHeads and “Good” Beer lovers everywhere..

Great Summer brew from one of the BEST Brewers in the US. Aprihops is an IPA made with REAL Apricots. This IPA has a good body with a bitter-sweet fruity character (Not Too Fruity) and a smooth crisp hoppy finish. This is one of my favorite IPA’s currently available. This fish BEGS for Tex Mex.  This is a seasonal Beer so GO GET SOME!! Dogfish has other World class beers that are must tries, 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, 120 Minute IPA and their Chicory Stout. 

Dogfish Head ApriHop won a GOLD MEDAL at the 2004 World Beer Cup in the specialty beer category. ApriHop was also the winner of the Golden Tut Award, the sole award presented at the 2004 Real Ale Festival in Chicago, Il


Mad River Steelhead Pale Ale
Mad River Brewing, Blue Lake, CA
Steel Head EXTRA Pale Ale

  Strongly Recommended! Keeps the HopHeads Happy! Not too hoppy for the general public.

An extra mild pale ale with fresh hops in the aroma; nice malt character and a serious hoppy finish. A good beer to just relax and unwind with on the porch after a long day at work.


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