Other Whites 

2002 Jekel Monterrey Riesling $ (11.00)   A solid wine that offers a host of green apple, apricot and peach flavors with a clean finish and a nice balance of acidity.  Pad Thai and Asia style dishes will be very friendly to this wine. 

2002 Omaha Springs Sauvignon Blanc $ (17.99)   A citrus wine with nice crispness on the finish.  A good wine for the variety of non-meat dishes we enjoyed Christmas Eve.  However, this New Zealand product leaned more to the lemons and less towards the grapefruit on the palate.

2002 Jekel Monterrey Riesling $ (11.00)   A solid wine that offers a host of green apple, apricot and peach flavors with a clean finish and a nice balance of acidity.  Pad Thai and Asia style dishes will be very friendly to this wine. 

Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc - India's first Chenin Blanc is perfect for a summer evening. This delightful cold fermented wine in stainless steel vats is finished in a semi-dry New World style. Its light, fresh and fruity character makes it an excellent aperitif.

2001 Mills Reef Sauvignon Blanc Reserve $ (11.99)     A ripe, herbaceous style Sauvignon Blanc, that delivers a nose of cat pee and flavors of melon and lime.  French oak adds complexity. A mouth filling dry wine with a creamy-smooth finish.

2002 Dry Creek Chenin Blanc $ (8.99)    Easy drinking white wine is the best way to describe this as nothing exciting happened on the nose or on the palate.  Peach and citrus flavors were available but seemed muted.  It was ok with the salmon, but not overly creative.  

2002 Jewel Sauvignon Blanc ?     This California SB shows a powerful citrus base and a clean crisp finish.  Not as deep as a NZ SB but a good, structured wine.

 2002 Caves des Papes Heritage Blanc Cotes-du-Rhone $ (8.99)    For some reason, I have less tolerance for uneventful white wines.  This blend of Grenache, Clairette, Bourboulen, Viognier, Rousanne and Marsanne seems lifeless.  One would think this combination would offer more depth and flavors   

2003 Forefeathers Sauvignon Blanc $ (11.99)   This offers up a great example of the Marlborough region of NZ.  Fresh, crisp, citrus-packed and a great wine to enjoy chilled on a hot, muggy evening in the summertime.  

2002 Lawson Ranch Sauvignon Blanc $ (12.99)   In my limited experience, I am not a fan of California SBs.  They do not carry the zest and crispness of the New Zealand SBs.  I say that with limits as I have not tasted a large volume of SBs, but I’m leaning heavily away from California on this grape.  

2002 Rancho Zabaco Sauvignon Blanc $ (9.99)   Though the nose showed promise, there was little excitement and less snap in this wine.  My suggestion is to keep it around the house in case you spill some red wine and do not have any WinoStuff’s Magical Red Wine Stain Removing Elixir left.  

2002 Selaks Premium Selection Sauvignon Blanc $ (11.99)    Though this wine hails from Marlborough in NZ, it offers a mild example of the lemon, herbaceous, crisp nature made world famous in the region.  A good example but not one I would brag to friends about when extolling the virtues of what they are capable of producing.  

2003 Giesen Sauvignon Blanc $ (8.99)    This is a solid, fun white wine with snappy, crisp citrus and a good clean finish.  I will be drinking a large quantity of this over the summer.  

2003 Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc $ (11.99)   The nose is great but the wine drinks thin, I had hopes of a citrus bowl in a field but got watery lemon juice and mowed lawn. 

2002 Rock River Winery Sauvignon Blanc $ (10.99)   Other than the great nose on this wine, forget about it.  Sniff away and enjoy the citrus, grass and gooseberry nose, but it evaporates before it reaches your lips.  

2000 Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc $ (8.00)   Stick with their Cab and Malbec.  They do those well but this was a big disappointment.  

2002 Gallo Twin Valley Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc $ (4.99)   It is wine and it has alcohol and gooseberry, but this will not fall into the "Find of the Year" category for me.  And I was really attracted to Gina Gallo; I was hoping to start up an email friendship.

1999 Inniskillin Riesling Reserve $ (24.99)     A glass full of yellow-greenish hue liquid tumbled into my glass and I swirled and sniffed a bunch of citrus aromas of lemon drops, grapefruit, and lime.  A touch of flint and apricots spiked the finish of this tangy, tart, and youthful wine.

2000 Morganhof Sauvignon Blanc $ (7.99)     This wine poured out golden yellow and delivered a good representation of the mineral, flint, tart crisp SBs of South Africa.  Well chilled, this went very nicely with my rotisserie turkey loin baked at 325 for 65 minutes and oriental vegetable medley.

2002 Gatao Verde $ (6.99)      A fine example of this Northern Portugal Vinho Verde “green wine”, though not my style.  A light slightly sparkling, low alcohol blend of white grapes with subtle citrus and green apple notes.  Chill and drink on a summer day as a light refreshing complement to shellfish.

2002 Grgich Hills Fume Blanc $ (16.99)   This wine is a great complement to fish, many styles of fish and offers a clean zesty citrus flavor with a refreshing finish.

2001 Agro de Bazan Granbazan-Amber $ (14.99)   A great companion to the seafood world, as one might find this sleek bottle netted along with the bottle nose dolphin as the Spanish fishing fleet trawls the Atlantic.  Crisp, clean and flavorful with the right balance to heighten the flavors of sea bass or shellfish.  

2001 Brancott Sauvignon Blanc $ (14.00)     This is a great, crisp, snappy wine with a rich balance of grapefruit, gooseberry and green pepper.  Supported by fresh acidity, a mineral and flinty finish.

2002 4 Sisters Winery Vidal Blanc $ (8.99)   Not my style but this is a real fun summer wine for the women.  Chill well and the hint of sweetness and the crisp finish will delight the crowd on a hot, hazy August afternoon. 

1999 Schlor Weingut Schwartz Riesling Spatlese   gift       As red wines go, this one delivers a nice mix of tobacco, dark fruit and a soft finish.  Somewhat sweet on the nose but dry on the palate and brawny enough to handle grilled shell steak.  

2000 Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc $ (15.99)    For me, this wine lacks the snap and zest one would expect from a grape style that should make your mouth pucker.  Much softer than expected.  

1998 Caymus Conundrum $ (21.00)    As white wines go, this is one for those wanting big but not buttery.  A harmony of fruit with an elegant finish suited well for baked salmon.  

2000 Covey Run Sauvignon Blanc $ (8.99)    Refreshing lime, a hint of gooseberry with generous herb and a clean snappy finish.  This is a wine served well chilled on a hot summer afternoon.  A nice surprise from Washington State.  

1999 Schlink Haus Spatlese Bereich Nahetal $$(35.00 rest.)    The subtle sweetness and balanced acidity was a great complement to the pickling marinade in the sauerbraten. A fresh clean finish and pear undertones made this on a fun wine.  

1995 Pierre Sparr Tokay Pinot Gris ? (A gift)   This aged Tokay pours out golden honey in color with a sweetness of over-ripe peaches and a creamy soft finish that is mindful of a Barsac.

2002 Giesen Sauvignon Blanc $ (10.99)   Keep this wine handy for a hazy, hot, humid summer day.  Refreshing citrus flavors with generous amounts of grapefruit and a crisp clean finish.  Serve this with raw shellfish or lemon chicken and for those looking for a pairing to chilled asparagus, try this one.  

2000 Dr. Konstantin Frank Johannisberg Riesling, Salmon Run $ (10.99)   When you look to the Finger Lakes District of NY, think of the Good Old Doc.  He produces good quality Rieslings and Great Ice Wines.  Plenty of peach and tropical fruits, with a good balance of fruit and acidity that finishes smoothly.  Born in the USA….  

2000 Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc $ (9.99)    Kenwood is not just making great stereos these days, they are making snappy, fresh, crisp Sauvignon Blancs.  Ok, so they aren’t making stereos.  But this is a great summer wine with acidy foods like citrus-based sauces and vinaigrette dressings.  Herbaceous and Citrus nose with grapefruit, lemon and grassy flavors.  A great summer cooler.

2001 Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc $ (8.99)    Bland, dull, muted, unzesty, this was the anti-Sauvignon Blanc.  There was little of the citrus fruit I was looking for.  

2001 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Fall Harvest $ (10.99)   Dried Summer Grasses waving in a hot breeze, herbaceous, grapefruit, lime and crisp are words that even a child could describe in this wine.  A great example of why New Zealand has a rep for Sauvignon Blanc.  This would go great with a lemon sole.
2000 Bodegas Martin Codax Burgans Albarino
$ 11.99   A light, crisp, clean wine which should be served well chilled to ease the acid and bring forward the apricot, peach and floral aromas of this wine.  Great for summer and seafood.

2000 Pierre Sparr Gewurztraminer $ 12.99   This wine was a bit sweeter than expected, but did show a nice array of grapefruit and pear.  I would consider serving this with a spicy Asian dish.  
Kourtaki Retsina of Attic
$ (7.99 1.5 liters)     This wine gives off the aroma of a flat champagne the morning after a party, then you are greeted with the sent of rosin.  This is an easily detected scent.  The taste of this is overridden by the rosin flavor and after taste.  This could be a fun thing to taste for kicks, but it is hard for me to imagine drinking this with a meal.    

2000 Willamette Valley Vineyards Riesling $ (9.00)    This wine has a pale gold color and presents a nice mix of apple and honeysuckle with enough acid to remind me of a Granny Smith.  The sweetness level was a bit high for my liking but it went well with Sesame Stir fry tofu and rice noodles.

2001 Rosemount Estate Traminer/Riesling $ (6.98)    Honey dominates this sweet wine that carries a floral aroma and sweet fruity flavor.  I would almost classify this in the dessert wine genre.  

2000 Anapamu Riesling   $?    Honeysuckle, and pear with a light-body, medium sweetness and an early finish.  Enjoyable for apple pie, but overpowered if you add ice cream and whipped cream.  

2000 Bonny Dune Vin de Glaciere $ (20.00)   A great way to end the meal, this wine is delicious with full body and sweetness to stands up well to desert but is not overpowering.  Enjoyed chilled and in desert wine glasses, this danced with apple pie alamode, pumpkin pie, and fruits and nuts.  A delightful treat for special occasions.  

2000 KWV Steen $ (7.50)   Not a premium wine, buy this to drink through the hot summer months.  Great value for this wine.  Tops my Porch Wine List…  

1999 Dr. Burklin-Wolf Forster Riesling, Kabinett $ (11.50)   

1999 Dopff & Irion Crustace $ (7.99)     Rating this on price and value, this is a buy in my book.  Clean, zesty, and with a citrus flavor, this wine has a floral nose and an easy drinkability.  Not a classic, but a great summertime wine.  A great complement to Salmon in Lobster Bisque, it did not shy away from the sauce.  

1999 Nigl Gruner Veltliner $ (18.00)    Young, crisp, clean and refreshing with a zip of citrus flavor.  This is a great complement to grilled fish, lobster and shrimp.  1999 is a great year in Austrian wines.  Enjoy.

1997 Magnotta Winery Vidal Ice Wine $$ 27.95 Honey syrup pours into the glass and a rich vibrant aroma of apricot greets your nose.  A lush weighty wine with honey, apricot and apples with a finish of nut.  Not too sweet for a dessert wine, a good compliment to raisin and cheese babka.

1997 French Ridge Creek Vidal Ice Wine ? (Gift)   Mild pineapples, citrus and apple nose and an acidic after taste.  A mild amount of fruit and sweetness arrive as the oxidation changes this in the glass.  Short finish.  

Bonny Doon Muscat Vin de Glaciere $$ (35.00)    Sweetness with an apricot nose and a pear flavor that will finish a meal as a perfect compliment to dessert. A golden-yellow nectar to satisfy your sweet tooth.      

1998 Trimbach Pinot Blanc $ (9.00)   A lean, crisp, clean wine, this can be enjoyed as an aperitif.  Not much aroma.  Mild citrus fruit.  This would be an excellent wine to accompany shellfish.  

1997 Pierre Sparr Tokay Pinot Gris  ?$     Dark gold, full-bodied with a long finish.  Honey and spice make me want to get a cough, just to drink this wine as a soothing, flavorful, opulent beverage.  This would be great on a cold winter's night in front of a fire after a nice meal.  Sweet and fruity. 

1998 Trimbach Gewürztraminer $ (19.00)     Pale Yellow in color with a grapefruit and peach aroma.  This wine was clean and crisp with a dry finish.  The mild spiciness of this grape went well with my Pad Pac, what ever that is.   Pleasant, and not too sweet.  

1994 Mumm "DVX"   - DVX is Mumm's vintage-denoted Sparkling Wine.  The bottle was chilled to about 45-50 degrees and proved to be a solid California offering.  A slightly toasted color coupled with a blend of pears, green apples and dates covers your palate.  The finish was crisp with no hint of "bite" or large bubbles that often accompany some  California entries in this space.  This bottle was served with the hors d'oeuvre plate which included Brie, Duck Pate', mixed nuts and Carr's Table Water Crackers.  Perfect selection for this course.  Rated 90  Price $35-40  WinoHondo

1999 French Creek Ridge Gewurztraminer $ (11.00)   This is a grape I have little experience with, so after tasting this wine, I looked up in the World Encyclopedia of Wine the properties of this grape.  What French Creek Ridge produced fell far short of the floral, spicy rich character this grape should display.  In the right hands, this can produce a wine with fruit and sweetness like a dessert style; but if not picked at the right times, it can be muddy and unfocused.  The word unfocused rings true to this one.  Acidic, pale, thin and the scent of “Beer” have this one not making its way to my Thanksgiving dessert cart. 

1998 French Creek Ridge Viognier  Though the bottle boasts that Pennsylvania will soon be the Rhone of the United States, that will not happen in my wine drinking days.  Viognier is a backbone white grape of the Rhone Region and should be refreshingly floral and fruity.  The disappointment with this wine comes from its short length on aroma and taste.  The hint is there, but it fades quickly and leaves a watery taste behind.  

Francis Coppola 1998 Bianco   $ (8.95)   (1.5 drunken mice buddies and cheese eaters.)  A California blended white.   This is a good wine for under 10 bucks and would go fine on a hot Sunday afternoon.  This wine is made from a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat and Malvasia.  Malvasia, what in the hell kind of grape is that?  Mr. C must have had his winemaker up at one of those Hollywood parties and the dreamed this one up at 2 AM .  It is a fresh, fruity taste and a lunch in the park with some Brie and bread would find this a way to refresh you.  

Langtry White Meritage 1997  $ (16.00)      This was an enjoyable wine, low acidity and good fruit.  Its color was golden and it lasted long.  A definite keeper for the white wine lovers in the house, well the ones that come visit.  I never heard the word synergy used in relationship to wine, but the combination of these grapes in whatever percent (not spelled out on the label) made this the perfect compliment to my dinner.  Thank you Lillie.


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