Pinot Noirs 

2002 Paraiso Springs Pinot Noir $ (15.00)   This wine comes out hot and takes some time for the fruit to poke its head out of the gopher hole.  It mellows to a cherry and cranberry aroma with some wood on the finish.  

1998 Henry Estate Pinot Noir Umpqua Valley Barrel Select $ (19.00)   This Oregon wine lacks the definition of fruit and acid balance to make it enjoyable.  Lackluster and a bit on the flabby side.   

2000 Beringer Founder’s Estate Pinot Noir $ (9.99)   Not a shinning example of Pinot, not that I am any kind of Pinot expert.  Mild fruitiness just doesn’t deliver enough for me to brag about this wine.  Black cherry and a hint of oak, but nothing exciting here.  

2000 David Bruce Central Coast Pinot Noir $ (20.99)  A bold, brash Pinot showing a rich color, cherry and earth flavors with a toast finish from the oak barrels.  The soft tannins structure this wine on the power side of Pinot Noir making the Good Dr. someone I will sample more frequently.  

1998 Byron Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley $ (16.00)    Cherry fruit and mild acidity with a medium ruby color.  A soft slight finish makes this a fun wine but not an exceptional wine.

1999 Duck Pond Fries’ Family Cellars Pinot Noir $ (12.99)   A pleasant balance of fruit and acid allow this wine to stand tall.  A bowl of cherries and a finish of plum, this will do well with a wide rage of foods.  As I drank this, I was thinking this wine will enhance a sassy veal dish or grilled pork chops.  

1998 Wente Reliz Creek Reserve Pinot Noir  ?   The months in French oak overpowered the delicate raspberry fruit of this wine.  The tannins were strong and did not play well with the fruit in this wine.  Harsh, smoky flavors dominated this biting beverage.  

1998 Ramsey Pinot Noir $ (14.00)   Not being a Pinot Noir guy, this wine started off very acidic, but after oxidation, this wine softened and drank fine.  Not very fruitful, not much on the finish.  

1997 Anapamu Pinot Noir $ (14.00)   This wine, especially for 14 bucks is a great buy.  Drinkable, with a great fruit/acid balance makes this the perfect wine to bring to dinner.  Light enough to go with fish and enough fruit for mildly seasoned meats.  I liked this one, but please don’t think I am comparing this to the best of Vosne-Romanee.  Buy it, share it with friends, and enjoy it.

Iron Horse Pinot Noir 1997 $$ (25.99)   This wine, after breathing in the glass, unveiled rich cherry flavor and a finish that lasted 3 days (since I saved this and enjoyed a glass with Sunday dinner and Monday dinner and Tuesday dinner.)  At $25.99, I think this is a winner and, as the label challenges, “This delicious wine is naturally rich, brimming with dark berry fruit, silky texture and lingering finish.  This wine is delicious now, but should have great aging potential-if only you can wait.”  My next trip to the store will find a bottle or two of this gem walking down to my basement, calling the top shelf of rack number 2 home for the next several years.



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