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OK, you asked for it.  Here it is!  This is your page.  This is your opportunity to see your name in lights...,  well...,  more like your name in pixels...  but that's just semantics.   This is your space to share your wine-related insights, knowledge, and experiences with your peers.  Send me your rant and if it's not too incomprehensible, we'll post it here.  (Remember, I edit WinoBob's incoherent wino-babble so you probably can't even approach "too incomprehensible").

Name: WinoMike
Date:  October 2002
Hometown:  Northern Virginia
Rant:  For sometime now, WinoWally has been badgering me to start contributing to this internet rag of his. So after running out of excuses and trying to claim brain damage from consuming too much cheap wine, WinoWally wins and you lose. Guess the catchy moniker and the box of sugar fortified California Chablis put the issue to rest. Hopefully, something in the following babble will be worth the effort WinoWally put into convincing me to put down some very random thoughts in a very incoherent manner. If this article turns out to be a dog, it will have reached a higher level of literary success than anyone would have ever dreamt possible. Now onto this aberration we will laughingly refer to as an article.    October 2002     

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I received the following document via e-mail.  The sender wishes to remain anonymous...
The Complete History of the French Military



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