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Being an avid reader and researcher, I scan many of the wine rags and wine sites available on the Internet.  Having helped Winos Bob and John build the site, particularly the numerous links, I am always eager to profile the next greatest wine site (next to, of course).

Last year, I wrote a review of Robert Parkerís web site,  Since I wanted to maintain the same, unbiased opinion that Parker does, I didnít accept one of those gratuitous subscriptions that a normal wine reviewer might get, but instead forked out the same $99 that any other subscriber would pay.  My review was favorable, pointing out that Parkerís site was more oriented to the serious wine aficionado.

After a year of visiting the Parker site, I must tell you that there arenít a lot of differences between eRobertParker and WinoStuff.  Parker has wine news and WinoStuff has news for winos.  Robert Parker and Pierre Rovani review wines for their site; Wino Bob and Wino John who-can-never-be-called-Pierre review wines for our site.  Parker has links to some of the gentrified wine industry sites (including WinoStuff, check this out for yourself if you donít believe me).  We have links to everyone we can find who can drink, spit, chew stuff about wine.  Parker has a less serious part of his site (the Hedonistís Gazette) and we have, well letís just say that we donít take ourselves too seriously.

Of course, if youíre in the market for a place to check out reviews of mostly higher priced wines, eRobertParker is the place to go, hands down.  One of the reasons is that Winos Bob, John, Wally (and now, Mike) donít have the reputation and resources to purchase verticals of Screaming Eagle or Harlan (of course, we could always try should the proprietors of those fine establishments care to receive the coveted 5 cheese rating from Wino Bob).  But if your wine budget is seriously constrained, or you just arenít ready to take the leap to buying more expensive wines, stick with us.  Weíve got all the stuff that youíll find anywhere, and we donít charge for access.

P.S. has a trial subscription feature where you can see most of the website for a free trial period.  Itís worth it to take a look for yourself.  Once again, thatís  If you get access to the Hedonist Gazette, take a look at Pierre Rovalís article about his familyís Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  Sort of reminds me of Wino Mikeís article about his familyís Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  Actually, Wino Mikeís entire wine budget for Thanksgiving doesnít touch the cost of the two bottles that Pierre found to be corked.  Robert Parkerís article about the best dinner he ever had kind of reminds me of the Andrea Immer dinner at Bacchus as described by Winos John and Bob.

Wino Wally
January 5, 2003



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