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January Wine Sales

I just received my first wine catalog regarding January sales prices.  Itís from the Wine Enthusiast (  Iíve had predominantly good experiences shopping with them over the years, although Iíll admit that I frequently compare prices with the other catalogs that I receive.  Retail sales were flat in 2001 and many retailers are cutting prices in the early months of 2002 to reduce inventories.

If 2002 is the year of Zinfandel according to WinoBob, than 2002 should be the year of Improving Your Cellar.  The January sales catalog of The Wine Enthusiast can help you get there fast.  As many of our regular visitors know, I moved through the process of regular refrigerator, wine rack, super wine rack, wine cubes, wine refrigerator under the counter, to climate-controlled wine cellar.  The latter was built for me by a contractor, but I ordered the cooling system and racking from the Wine Enthusiast.  For January only, The Wine Enthusiast is offering a 220 bottle cellar, the Grand Cru Deluxe, for only $995.  This is a self-contained, thermo pane glass front door, high density insulation unit that can sit anywhere in your house or apartment.  Not many of us have a need for storing more than 220 bottles of wine.  If youíve been thinking about which room in the house you should convert to a cellar, think no more.  Save the money from the real estate and pick up one of these babies.  You can even order two, doubling the capacity, and sit them side-by-side.

If the Grand Cru Deluxe is too big or expensive for your collection/wallet, then look into the 24 bottle Compact Wine Cellar on sale for $289, the 34 bottle model on sale for $389, or the 52 bottle model on sale for $539.  These are also stand alone units with thermo pane front doors.  I have a 52 bottle model in my kitchen at home and at the beach.

Lastly, if youíre just looking for a trendy, inexpensive, wine related gift for a wino you know, try the miniature wine charms.  These items come in sets of six with five different themes (vineyard, golf, grapevine, gardening, valentines) and allow you to uniquely identify the glass of wine belonging to you and your guests at a party.  Each set is on sale for $19.95 or $17.95 for two or more sets.  Tell them Wino Wally sent you.

January 12, 2002




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