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If you’ve noticed, on some of our links, particularly the wineries, we’ve noted sites that have mailing lists.  For those of you who live by yourself and seldom receive anything in the mail beside the rent bill, utility bills, and credit card bills, getting on some of these mailing lists could be a thrill (of course, nothing beats the thrill of reading a WinoBob review or conducting a tasting with Wino Bob at Bacchus).  Assisting Wino John and Wino Bob with the Internet site research has required that I enter my email address (and sometimes snail mail) for some of these sites.  I thought I would update you on the most recent week’s findings.

Desert Cardiology and the Robert Mondavi Winery are hosting a Gala Dinner and Live Auction on Saturday, February 17, 2001 for the benefit of The Desert Heart Foundation’s Wine and Heart Health Research Initiative.  The event is $350 per person and reservations are extremely limited.  (Wino Bob, think your buddy at Bacchus could set us up for the Winostuff Dinner and Live Auction to benefit the Research Initiative into whether or not the guys at Winostuff have improved their cardio through red wine consumption?).

The Brown Derby Vineyard catalog arrived.  It’s $2.00 per issue, but I get it free (somehow).  This retail site specializes in wines, but also sells cigars and Riedel glassware.  The Riedel prices are impressive (maybe our Winettes can take a hint and order a few for their favorite Winos).  I was also impressed with the entire page of Bordeaux futures.

The California Winemakers Guild invited me to join its “exciting and educational club”.  I can choose between two, four or six bottles of wine each month, starting at only $26.95 plus shipping/handling and tax.  Along with my wine, I “will receive an informative newsletter, describing the highlighted wines of the month, recipes designed to enhance and pair with the featured wine, wine facts and an audio taped interview with the winemaker providing tasting notes on the selected wine.   If you want to begin your membership, you can email them at:  This month’s issue of the Wineline, which was included in the mailing, features Bargetto Winery.  The recipe features Risotto Bargetto.  (Incidentally, Bargetto is one of the many wineries with a link on  After checking out this promo stuff, I think there’s the distinct possibility that we’ll take advantage of WinoBob’s ability to sniff out a great wine and Wino John’s marketing know how (ever since he explained that raisin thing, I figure he’s good for anything), and we’ll start our own WinoStuff club.

Six distinct postcards from R.H. Phillips Winery arrived.  The front of each features a different wine label (like the R.H. Phillips Toasted Head Chardonnay, one of my favorites) and you can use the post card in case you’re not into email.  Of course, the only way I received these was by accessing their website and clicking a few boxes and typing in my name and address.  Incidentally, I liked the R.H. Phillips website with its “Riven” style design.  Definitely unique.

Lastly, sent me a fancy, glossy brochure pushing its wine gift boxes.  My favorite was the “Vino-Therapy”.  The following verbiage described this product:  “Can’t stand the commute?  Too many emails?  It sounds like you might need therapy, Vino-Therapy.  This chrome basket contains all you need for stress relief:  ABRA Stress Relief Bath Salts and Lotion; a terry-cloth bath pillow; a loofa scrub and bath brush; and a bottle of champagne.  After a little Vino-Therapy, you might just be willing to go back to the office.”  If I picked up one of these babies at $60, maybe I could….pick up a divorce if Sometimes-a-Wino Sharon finds out.  And you wonder why some of these companies are running out of money?

That’s this week’s haul.  Not bad.  I’m starting a collection of the best of these.  If any of you get some that fall in the interesting categories, let me know and I’ll run them in a future column.



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