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My apologies for my lack of journalistic contributions to my partnersí website.  Itís been an interesting two months for more than one reason.

The year began with a bottle of Zin, Robert Mondavi 2001 Napa Valley Zinfandel to be precise.  I purchased the wine through the Mondavi Ensemble Club (  If youíre a member of the Rare Reds Club and order a case, the shipping is free (as long as you have an abode in a state where itís legal to ship wine).  Sometimes-a-Wino Sharon, my wife, decided that the Mondavi was so yummy, it had to be our house wine.  So far in 2004, we have consumed three cases of the Mondavi and a fourth case is on the way.  This wine is bold, but definitely ready to drink.  Lest you think that we are lightweights when comparisons are made to WB and WJ, I think itís fair to assume that weíve consumed at least another two or three cases of other wines.  In fact, in our household, I think itís the year of the Zin.  There was a stretch in January where we had consumed 9 different bottles of Zin during a 17 day period.  Davis Bynum, Ravenswood, Cline, and Ridge were among the different vintners whose wares were consumed (note that I didnít say sampled).  Of course, if youíre consuming between a bottle and a bottle and a half of Zinfandel per night, youíre not exactly in a position to write a coherent review.  (Editor's notes:  1) WinoBob consumes a bottle and a half  before breakfast and 2) as evidenced by WinoBob's updates, coherence is not a requirement.)  Lastly, I might add that if youíre working on the Atkins Diet, red wine is only .9 carb grams per glass.  If you consume 0 carbs during the day, that means you can have 36 glasses of red wine per night (yes, Wino Bob, thatís 36 glasses of red wine per night, but you cannot have any pasta, white bread, or Cheetos).

My godson decided to apply early decision to an Ivy League school and was accepted in December.  That was the good news (for him).  For me, that meant I had to go to all of the Duke basketball home games with other folks since I was planning on taking him had he decided to attend my alma mater (oh, well, WJ.  The boy needs that independent streak!).  Southwest Airlines (  is my unheralded stock of the year.  While all the other airlines continue to think that businesses will pay exorbitant fees and idiots will book tickets with them due to the illusion of upgrading to first class and accumulating millions of miles, Southwest just makes it easy to fly for a lot less money.  I booked all of my tickets in advance and flew to the games from BWI for $98 round trip (plus various fees assessed under the current Federal system).  If I had to spend the night, I spent it at one of the five B&Bís available at the following web site ( or at the Washington Duke Inn (a great place to have dinner and wine before the gameÖjeez, I could only afford cheap wine when I was a studentÖso much for capitalism and the ability to make $$$$$).  I gave away my tickets to the Duke/Georgia Tech game which was a good thing since that was the only home game that the Blue Devils lost all year.  Now itís tournament time and I need to find a companion to attend the playoffs.  If you want to stay up with the Blue Devilsí hoops team, you need to list the DBR as your favorite link (  Too bad that I donít have the godson who was going to attend my alma mater.  Guess I have to find a buddy to attend the games with me.

Just received my Masters tickets in the mail.  The current plan is that the wife and I will head down to Augusta and attend with Wino Mike and his wife, Wino L (name concealed to keep her identity safe within the ------, Virginia School System.  Wino Mike doesnít have season Panther tickets like WB, but he has parents who live in North Augusta and they like to drink red wine as much as SAW Sharon, WB, WJ, WM and WL.  Got to love the idea of combining wine drinking with sports (particularly when you only watch and donít have to play).  Of all the things that make attending the Masters particularly unique is the fact that whatever you bring to the park in a cup, they pour into a green cup so that if you miss the trash can, the TV will not show any trash since itís all colored green like the grass.  The Masters may have the best golf tournament website.  Check it out at  (WJ, make sure we post the link on the front page again this year; for our fans who have bookmarked our site.  They can quickly link to the score updates while theyíre daydreaming at work).  Iím glad that the club president decided to bag the idea of forcing the geezers out of the tournament (Go Arnold, number 50 in 2004! By the way, Arnold is an honorary Wino due to his amazing golf career, drinking ability, and the fact that his son-in-law went to Duke with me).  As far as current players go, Iíll root for TIGER but wish that Greg Norman was eligible since he has the lifestyle of the winos that I look up to (i.e., he owns a 360 foot yacht with a helicopter, he owns a vineyard, he makes about $15 million a year, what more could a wino want!!!!!).  By the way, WJ, are you bringing your clubs to B-More when you visit next month.

April is a particularly busy month.  In addition to the Masters (first week), WJís visit to the estate (second week), my Duke roommate (Wino Ted) is visiting (week three), and Iím going to the New Orleans Jazz Fest (week four).  If youíve never been to New Orleans, you have to go.  I recommend Jazzfest as the number one time to go (  Check out the link for the schedule of events at this yearís fest.  Iíve been attending for ** years (ok, itís 25, but whoís counting).  Mardi Gras would be the next best time, but the weatherís sometimes sketchy and if you drink as much as Wino Bob, you could find yourself on the other side of a police nightstick.  For info on next yearís Mardi Gras, go to  Oh, by the way, WJ, donít let my godson go to Mardi Gras until heís at least 22.

Lastly, I promise to update my golf links this year.  Iíve committed to cut back on the out-of-town assignments (cloak and dagger type) and need to hone my game through the best way possible which is to play at least 50 rounds of golf.  Iím headed to Ireland in the Fall and need to have the A game in order to keep up the stamina for the pubs after each dayís complement of 36 holes.

Winos, Golfers, PartiersÖ..stay tuned for more diatribes and a few more frequent ramblings than Iíve submitted lately.

Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
March 12, 2004

(Editor's note:  Wally has just taken a commanding lead in the "My Life Is Better Than WinoJohn's" contest...)




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