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Actually, the title is only designed to get your attention since this is my first article in a long time.  My apologies to Burton Malkiel, the noted author of the above book.  I’ve spent much of my time in the past year dealing with Wall Street notables in various business transactions and haven’t found enough time to write. 

Imagine my surprise when Sometimes-a-Wino Sharon informed me that we were heading to the mountain estate of Wino John in Northwestern New Jersey last weekend.  I dashed to the cellar and pulled out a couple of Petite Syrah’s from California, a 1997 Simi and a 1994 Markham.   I placed the bottles in my vehicle’s wine cooler (yes, you can purchase such an item these days!), packed the extensive suitcases of the family (being the only male, I had a knapsack), and headed up I-95 from B’more.  (Editor's note: Imagine a fleet of blacked-out Suburbans and a stretch S600...)

Four hours later, I entered the security code on the gates of the WJ estate and was immediately allowed entrance (note: I have a different security code than the one WJ gave to WB, but probably different than the one that he gave “the Donald”).  S-A-W Sharon and her sister headed out to the local shopping emporium and WJ and I organized our Petite Syrah 90’s vertical tasting and technology gab fest. 

I really don’t remember any of the gab fest answers that Wino John gave me about the latest in high tech inventions since I have no use for any of those really high tech things that he deals with (note:  I would have remembered if any of them were wine-related).  However, the 90’s Petite Syrah’s were peaking and drinking well and we somehow found a way to work our way through the assembled bottles.

We worked our way through the wines, discussed the merits of my favorite talk radio station in NY renaming itself “Client Number Nine Station”, debated the pros and cons between investing in first growths or gold, and watched the weekend’s NCAA hoops action.  All in all, a good weekend to celebrate the onset of Spring (note: it snowed in Northwestern NJ on Sunday morning, but part of that was due to the high altitude of the WJ mountain estate).  I committed to WJ that I’ll try to get back to a somewhat irregular article submission schedule.  Meanwhile, he committed to me that he’ll try to submit an article himself before WB comments that I’ve now caught up with WJ.

Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
March 21, 2008


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