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I know that itís been a while since Iíve submitted an article when I see Wino Bob enter a guest log entry like ďanyone knows where Wino Wally is?Ē   Well, Bob, Iíve ďbeen to the mountain topĒ to paraphrase a famous quote.  More specifically, I just returned home from an exhausting at times, but rewarding, eight month assignment in Albuquerque, New Mexico (where Sandia Peak at 10,728 feet is accessible by car or tramway)  with a number of trips to New York City.  Although my columns donít show it, Iíve submitted a number of restaurant reviews from those cities and, surprisingly, Albuquerque has choices other than Mexican.  I also spent a fair amount of time with Schneido, Murpho and Wino Warren who are world class gentlemen, scholars, and sometimes wannabe Winos (Schneido and Murpho couldnít take the Wino Bob name since we already have a Wino Bob, so Schneido and Murpho seemed liked the next best choice.  This also should serve notice that those of you with fairly popular names should get on board with writing articles for WinoStuff before your favorite Wino name is taken.)

Now that Iím home and with a little more free time on my hands, Iím ready to tackle all of the creative ideas flowing within and smell the roses (or is it rosť?).  Of course, any submitted by any of our avid readers are welcomed as well.  You can write them or just email an idea to me and Iíll try to follow up.  My golf links was one of those emailed ideas and Iím going to work on expanding them soon as well (thatís the stuff in winostuff; some of us golf once in a while).

Meanwhile, what you can look forward to over the next few weeks:  (1) daily diatribe and drivel that I find as Iím going through all my wine periodicals since December and catching up with the latest, (2) a few more restaurant reviews as soon as I can find my matchbooks with the notes regarding dishes and wines consumed, (3) a review of (I know, I have procrastinated big time on this one), (4) another ďnow that itís Spring, we need to look into some white wines since Bob and John are Big Red guysĒ contest, (5) an article about all the research into the health benefits of red wine (weíll ignore the detriments since we can exercise some editorial discretionsÖsaid another way, we get to choose which way we look at this issue and it ainít going to be evenhanded), (6) maybe an article about my upcoming golf trip to Ireland where Iíll try to find restaurants that winos can enjoy (but may only find a pub or two!), (7) a few tips about starting wine clubs, (8) an update on wine cellar management, (9) comments on the Masters, British Open, U.S. Open, PGA, and Ryder Cup golf tournaments this year (cut me a break, Wino John, one of us has to do it), and (10) a discourse or two of my choosing.  You wonít get comments from me on movies, books (unless their wino books), or political correctness (remember, Iím the financial guy in this partnership and good numbers are always correct).

Wino Wally
April 8, 2002

P.S.  Tax returns were the first priority before beginning my new writing odyssey and theyíre done, out the door, and registered (electronically, of course).  I recommend any electronic program like TurboTax where you can upload scads of info from employers and banks as well as last yearís return data and then submit the entire return electronically.  Use TurboTax and Quicken and you can download tons of financial information for your return (but this isnít as easy as it might seem, youíll have to conduct your setup carefully).  These programs also make sipping a glass of wine or two during return preparation much more enjoyable since swearing and sweating is reduced substantially.



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