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I don’t live in the technodweeb field like my literary partners, WinoJohn and WinoBob, but I spend a lot of time and money checking out the latest in electronic gadgets as any able-bodied guy with disposable income might do.

This past weekend, WJ and I were hanging out in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware with nothing to do except check out the Bose Outlet store (that was because our better halves were shopping until they dropped at all of those crazy clothing stores which no respectable guy would check out except maybe some of the guys who hang out in Rehobeth Beach who aren’t married, legally, that is).  There was a product, the Bose Companion 3 system, that I pointed out to WJ.

“WJ”, I said. “You have got to check out this system.  I wanted to buy this for myself at Christmas, except the wife had already allowed me to buy a 50 inch plasma screen HDTV so she wasn’t going for the Bose for my PC”.

WJ responded, “Man, these are pretty good” (WJ was a little slow to respond due to his extended vacation in Aruba with his college son.)

Well, I tried to order a set, but the sales dude said, “we had a rainy day here on Saturday and sold out!”

So, not to be deterred from my goal, I checked out the Bose corporate website when we returned home and ordered a set online with shipping next day.  Imagine my surprise when the product arrived on time and intact.  That’s service with a smile!

A few of my co-workers were a little shocked/dismayed to see that I was installing a different set of speakers on my PC at work than what the standard issue was (what is the standard issue when you buy from Dell?).  I decided to make them green with envy with a little Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits.  China Grove, Long Train Runnin’, Jesus is Just Alright….the beat was loud, obnoxious, and clearly stated that the party was in my office.  Next, I opened up the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival CD.  If you haven’t checked out this DVD, you should.  Clapton raised $50M (that ain’t chump change for most of us moguls, WB) for his Dry Out Tank in Antigua by inviting all of his guitar playing buddies to a three day concert in Dallas, Texas.  Joe Walsh, Vince Gill, BB King, Carlos Santana, James Taylor, Robert Cray, Larry Carlton, Jimmie Vaughn, JJ Cale, etc., wailed on those stringed instruments in a manner that most of us are not used to.

Ok, so what’s the verdict?  This set of speakers which include a subwoofer and amplifier and sell for $250 crank out a sound only slightly inferior to my exotic Yamaha pre-amp, Harmon/Karmon amp, Klipsch speakers that I have installed at the palace and I kid you not (WJ, can you add to this testimonial?).  My desk has multiple gadgets designed to enhance the listening and communication pleasure of the technogeek with a few spare dollars and this is the best buy that I’ve made in years.  (Editor's note: The Bose speaker system sounded great and pegged the cool-o-meter.  I recently saw them at Circuit City with the same $250 price tag.)

* * * * * * * - 7 Stars on a 5 star scale - I’m not getting any kickbacks (although a set for my home might be nice, Mr. Bose).  Go out and order a set today and make your spouse/significant other/mistress/bimbo envious/horny/whatever.

Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
July 7, 2005


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