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It has been busy in Wino Wally land since the Final Four.  I can’t say that I have an all inclusive list, but the following things have kept me from finalizing a new column:

April 5 – Finals of Final Four

April 6 & 7 – Practice rounds at Augusta National

April 9-11 – Easter weekend, visit from the Wino John clan to the Wino Wally Maryland Estate (as distinguished from other abodes in other lands).  Big time wine consumption, not enough time to create a journal.

April 15 – Tax return due.  Filed an extension due to photo shoot from camera crew and reporter from Architectural Digest at the Wino Wally Wine Estate.  (issue that Wino Wally house portrayed will be kept confidential).

April 17 – Opening day at the Country Club for men golfers.  Big time party.

April 18 – College roommate, Wino Ted, and his family arrive for visit.

April 22-25 – Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans.  Great food, great wine, great restaurants, and…some jambalaya at the Fairgrounds.  Oh, and did I mention great music.  Thanks to all my friends who rendezvoused in the Big Easy.

May 1 – Kentucky Derby.  Mint juleps were the talk of the day.  Not able to write about wine for a while.

May 3 – Meeting with the Senator to discuss tech issues in Congress.

May 15 – Preakness Stakes – Black eyed Susans were the drink of the day.  Not able to write about wine for a while.

May 18-20 – Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington including lots of wine and lots of golf.  It’s great to be an exec!

May Day – Somewhere in here was my birthday.  It was a major one and had to be celebrated with a few of my golf-playing, wine-drinking friends.  Wino John drove down from New Jersey, arrived at the wrong club, and had to be redirected to the golf links (and this was before the liquor was served).  Wino John did not win any money (but neither did I).  S.A.W. Sharon was a gracious spouse and drove me home since I had planned for the events in advance.

June 2-4 – Another conference, this time in Boston, MA.  Had a memorable dinner at Excelsior which I need to write up for the restaurant guide section.  Wine list was pricey but excellent.  Wine cellar was a site to behold as you journeyed upstairs on the glass elevator through the chilled cellar, visible to all.

June 6 – A 90th birthday for my grandmother (and Wino John’s as well).  The wife decided to host the family at the WWME (Wino Wally Maryland Estate).  Another reason to tip the glasses in celebration.  My liver thinks it’s 90, but that’s another story.

June 12 – Dance recital for my daughters.  We hosted a party for the parents afterwards.  Another opportunity to try out various wines.  No time to write about it yet.

June 18 – Elected CEO of my company.  Oops, no time for the golf course anymore!

June 19-20 – Godson’s graduation from high school in New Jersey.  Oops, this is WJ’s son!  Well, let’s just say that WJ broke out the good stuff to celebrate.  Missed the US Open for the first time in 15 years, but it was my godson’s graduation (and an excuse to drink with WJ)!

June 24-26 – Weekend at the WWBGE (Wino Wally Beach and Golf Estate).  Lots of wine consumed during the meeting with the architect to finalize plans for the new beach estate.  No time to write about it.

July ?? – Three birthday parties in three days.  The girls celebrated their birthdays in three cities in three days.  What do you expect when you have twins and your wife has too much time (and $) on her hands?  (once again, dates are crossed off to maintain some anonymity).

July 14 – Golf and dinner with Wino Mike at his home course in Northern Virginia.  Nobody can keep pace with Wino Mike, his wife, and their crazy golf lifestyle combined with BIGGGGGG  REDDDDDDDDDDS!  Whew!  Maybe I’ll give WB a ticket to their house.

July 17-18 – Finals of British Open – had to give my tickets to Wino Tim since there wasn’t enough time to keep a business meeting and make the Open (actually, make the Open parties).

I’m sure I’ve left some stuff out, but I have no real excuse for not writing other than a crazy schedule.

Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
July 19, 2004

  (Editor's note:  Damn, it's good to be Wally!)


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