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My apologies to our readers for the lack of regularity with my columns.  The summer has been so hot that I havenít felt like writing after a long day on the golf course and an evening of fine wine with the missus (Sometimes-A-Wino Sharon).  Of course, I am pleased that Wino Bob accepted my challenge and reviewed a number of good white wines so that the culturally unbiased amongst us could seek out a lighter thirst quenching wine for summer imbibing.  Naturally, Wino John is still hanging out there with the Big Reds, but I have to admit, I was able to get him to down a glass or two of chardonnay while he vacationed at the beach.   (Editor's note: You know, you're just challenging me to put in an Editor's note.  Just for the record, I enjoy all wines, both red and...  what was the other choice?)

However, I donít think that Wino Bob went far enough for the vast majority of white wine drinkers.  Therefore, I am announcing a contest.  The rules are simple.  I would like readers to submit their five favorite white wines.  The combination of five cannot cost more than $100.  So, for the mathematically challenged, you could purchase a Rombauer Chardonnay (local price in Maryland about $22/bottle) and average down with a bottle of Toasted Head Chardonnay (local price about $12/bottle).

I need to have your lists sent to me at by August 31.  Wino Bob and I will decide which list is number one in terms of quality and which list is number 2.  For the first place list winner, I have a Vacu-Vin starter set.  For the second place winner, I have a wine cork trivet kit (kit does not include the corks).  Good luck.  We will hope to announce a winner within two weeks after the deadline depending on the number of entries (even Wino Bob canít drink 200 wines in a couple of weeks).

Wino Wally

August 11, 2001


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