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Occasionally, a Google search will pull up an interesting website.  Sometimes, you’ll read about a product or website while perusing a favorite periodical.  This week, I saw an ad for Zachys Wine Auctions featuring a promo for the inaugural Los Angeles Auction.  In fine print at the bottom, it said “With Wally’s Wine & Spirits”.  Thinking that this had to be a misprint since I own a brewery and not a wine & spirit shoppe, I Googled "Wally’s Wine".  Imagine my surprise when I found Wally’s Wine in Los Angeles (  Billed as Los Angeles’ number one wine shop, this site clearly deserves a link under our retail sites.

One of the homepage features is a listing of the top five Wine Spectator rated wines that Wally’s stocks as well as the top five Parker rated wines that Wally’s stocks.  I clicked on the Phelps Insignia rated as the first of the five Parker rated wines.  Instantly, the site took me to a description of the 2000 priced at $86.99 per bottle.  I’ll ask the Jersey boys (WB and WJ) if they can do better than this in their neck of the woods.  Meanwhile, I’ll check out the wine club offerings and get back to you in a future article.

Wino Wally (THE Wally of Wine and Beer)
Baltimore, MD
September 9, 2004

P.S.  Wally of Los Angeles, the U.S. is big enough for both of us.  Bribe me with a club membership or two and I can plug your establishment on a regular basis to our 100,000+ unique visitors each month!



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