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What will they think of next?

I just received a flyer in the mail today.  In magnificent color, a four page glossy brochure announced the launch of  I can’t wait.  Maybe I can stop subscribing to all of the periodicals I get.  Who cares what The Wine Spectator says?  Who cares about the latest in wine paraphernalia from The Wine Enthusiast?

According to the brochure, you will be able to type in the name of a wine and receive access to 36,000 different wines tasted by Robert Parker since 1992.  You can see the full tasting notes, ratings, and maturity.  If you want to buy the wine, click Find It Online and get a list of wine retailers who currently have the wine for sale, sorted by the current asking price.  Category searches allow you to find certain wines by country, locale, Parker ratings, vintage, cost, producer or variety.

The launch date of this site is November 15, 2001.  You can choose a quarterly subscription for just $29 or an annual subscription for $99.

This baby could change the electronic wine world.  However, we aren’t quaking at  No sir, baby!  We have the copyright on Wino Bob.  Who wants to be a Wino Robert.  This operation may have world class funding, but we’ve got world class winos and we’re free (note that I said “free” and not “easy”; well, I can’t speak for WB).  Look into the site and let us know.  Maybe we’ll provide a free link.

Wino Wally

October 27, 2001


P.S.  For all subscribers to Parker's ratings magazine, The Wine Advocate, take note.  Six months after each issue is published, Parker will add the contents to his website.  Therefore, if you were thinking of cancelling your $50 annual subscription, don't do it unless you want to be perenially six months behind.  Gee, isn't the web for up to the minute news and facts?


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