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Some time ago, the three Amigo Winos at realized that we had to summon all the creative juices we could to bring a scintillating product to the world wide web.  With Wino John running the joint, Wino Bob drinking everything in sight, and Wino Wally rallying with links, restaurant reviews, and techno geek product reviews, we’ve built this place into a highly rated web site for people who do NOT take themselves seriously but who enjoy a decent drink.  We don’t charge for the privilege of visiting our site, we don’t accept paid advertising (although we would if given the opportunity), and we don’t have any paid scriveners.

Given that background, imagine my surprise when I opened up the November 30, 2003 issue of the Wine Spectator and found more than one article addressing a topic that had been previously exposed/discussed in the pages of WinoStuff.

Article 1:  Burgundian Outpost – It was during the summer of 2003 that Winos Bob and John introduced the American wino world to the antics of Veronique Drouhin-Boss.  As you may recall, Winos Bob and John met the dynamic young heir apparent to her father’s French winemaking kingdom at a wino event in New Jersey.  Smitten with Wino Bob’s extensive knowledge of the French grape, Veronique consented to a rare interview.  Three months later, the Spec leads the way with a huge article (a day late and a dollar short).

Article 2:  Santa Fe and the true taste of the Southwest – The Spec provides a list of its top 10 restaurants for wine aficionados in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Wino Wally provided the readers of WinoStuff with a review of The Inn of the Anasazi almost three years ago.  Other reviews of restaurants in the New Mexico desert highlands ensued despite the dearth of publications elsewhere.  Check out our restaurant reviews and verify this early reporting feat.

Article 3:  Fall Auction Season Starts Strong across the Country – Need I say more?  Where else have you heard about the fall auction season?  Name the exploits of Winos Bob and John at Big Bob’s celebrity wine auction benefiting unnamed Jersey charities.  Come on, if a wine auction can be successful in New Jersey, it’s going to be a great season any where you host one!

Article 4: The 2003 Wine Spectator Survey – Listen to the results of the most-respected and widely read wine rag on the planet…. Favorite red grape – Cabernet Sauvignon; Favorite white grape – Chardonnay; Favorite wine region – California; Most negative development – high prices; Effect of wine on health – it’s good for you.  Come on, you don’t have to take a survey to know the answers to these questions.  The three winos have been hammering these points home for three years.  Who says red is king (Winos John and Bob)?  Who says Chardonnay is deserving of more recognition (Wino Wally)?  Who says boycott the Frogs and buy Californian (Wino Stuff)?  Who says fugettaboutit whenever readers ask how to get on the Screaming Eagle mailing list?  Who has published countless blurbs about how wine is good for you (just look at how Wino Bob continues to survive).  Readers…. it’s time you make your points known.  Write a letter to the Spec and ask them to acknowledge the highly, sophisticated and point-on source for their November 30, 2003 issue.  It’s time that WinoStuff gets its place on the mast.

Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
November 9, 2003



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