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I read a profile of NextWine and its charismatic President, Dain Dunston, in the August issue of Executive Technology.  Before I completed the article, I sent an email to Wino John making sure he included the link in our retail wine links section since we didn’t have one.

NextWine, the ultimate employer, has a daily 4:30pm wine tasting for its employees.  It’s not uncommon that many an idea has stemmed from conversations generated during that daily tasting.  One such idea involved creating a new “product” and marketing it through selective email messages.  The “product” was three collector cases of wine.  Selected from the retailer’s wine cellar, each case was a unique collection of premium wines.  The prices ranged from $4,200 to $5,000 per case.  NextWine send emails promoting the collector cases to its 20 best online customers.  After sending the emails, the three cases were sold in 20 minutes time.

As NextTime’s president stated, “this was a great way to test a marketing idea and if it didn’t work, who got hurt?”  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that NextWine’s average customer buys $350 every time they submit an order.  The top 1% of its customer base spends between $10,000 and $20,000 each month (and we thought WinoBob’s wine budget was huge!!).  NextTime believes that an effective website can’t rely on the “pull” of the Web site, so they employ email to effectively stimulate a “push” marketing impact.

It’s amazing what technology is doing and what winos are doing to use it creatively in their businesses.  NextWine has created an upper-end marketing niche and uses technology rather effectively, 80% of its orders come through email.  Wino John, take heed.  Let’s create an email engine and rip apart the stodgy old wine websites!

Wino Wally

November 16, 2001



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