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I was almost ready.  The three months of wine rags, The Spec and The Enthusiast, were piled up in a corner of my home office.  I donít have time to read them when they arrive so I stack them in an easily accessible spot.  Dust accumulates, but before the wife can cart them to my basement respository, I usually skim through them and write a blurb for our site.

This time was different.  I asked myself, ďare these guys really getting itĒ.  Does the content within really represent items of interest for the mainstream wine consumer?  I think the answer is ďnoĒ.

Winos John, Bob and I are more than a little devoted to our wine.  When was the last time we traveled to Tuscany, Australia, New Zealand, or one of the other exotic climes portrayed with verve in each and every issue of The Spec?  When was the last time that we sipped verticals of Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family, or even Mondavi Reserve?  When was the last time that we were able to find more than a bottle or two out of the Top 100 rated wines, regardless of the cost?

I think the publishers are missing the point.  Very few of us can experience what they write about.  Sort of reminds me of Playboy.  Very few of us can duplicate Hefís lifestyle, so we stopped reading about it.  I donít know about you, but Iím going to stick to the common personís platform and read about it here at WinoStuff or one of the many wine websites that weíre linked to.  Theyíre free and I can search them for info when Iím ready.  Next time I pick up a copy of The Spec will be when I hear that theyíre doing a feature on Wino Bobís cellar, trophy wife, or liver; whichever one is the news of the day.


Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
November 17, 2002


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