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 Twas the fortnight before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a wino was stirring, not even the louse.
My brother-in-law, Wino John, was snoozing in his Barco-Lounger,
While visions of fermentation danced in his head.

Iím sure that you recognize the weak attempt above at a holiday parody (my apologies to Clement C. Moore).  The season is upon us and itís time for my annual shopping list.  Thereís something for everyone on this yearís list and in all price ranges.  Unless otherwise noted, you can find all of these items in The Wine Enthusiast catalog.  Wine is not included since I donít have a clue what you like and donít care, as long as it doesnít come in a box (just because many of these gifts are not designed for wine-in-box lovers).

Screwpull Foil Cutter
This device should be in Everymanís kitchen drawer. Slices the foil at the top of a wine bottler for that quick, decisive removal in order to foist your corkscrew with authority.    Price   $7.95 or less

Table Model Screwpull Corkscrew
Teflon coated corkscrew pierces the cork with just a few turns of the handle.  Beats using a cheapo on your Swiss Army knife!            Price  $18.95 or less

Laguiole European Hardwood Corkscrew
The original, French corkscrew, seen in many finer dining establishments.  Impress your friends with the history of this baby, as long as you donít mind working the bottle and the crowds.  Price $79.95 or less

Nickel-finished Estate Opener
This is the pimp version opener and worth every nickel for its ease of use and sure-to-impress-your-neighbor style.  I have three of these in use at my various abodes and have given out quite a few as house warming gifts.  Price   $129.95

52 Bottle Compact Cellar
Refrigerator has racking for 52 bottles of wine which it stores at ideal temperatures and allows for quick viewing through the doubled-pane glass door.  Can be built-in under kitchen counter or used as a stand-alone.  You can get one of these at BJís or Costco (when they have them) for half the price of the Enthusiastís  $599.  Great way to start to keep a few bottles upstairs for handy access.

Riedel Vinum Sampler Set
The less expensive version of the world famous Riedel stemware.  Riedelís engineering design of a glass for a particular style of wine has made these glasses in high demand by the budding wine snob.  If you want to impress, buy the starter set.  If you think itís worth it, buy two sets so you have two of each of the four glasses.   Price   $74.95/set or less

Stem Charms
A great way to identify wine glasses (other than by looking for lipstick prints).  These charms loop over the bottom of each glassí stem and are fun conversational pieces to boot.  Price    $17.95/set of six

Guy Buffet Rapid Ice
This little sleeve will cool a bottle of wine in 5 minutes.  Store it in the freezer like most reusable ice packs.  Slip it over a bottle of wine for chilling and then serving.    Price   $10.95 each

Vacu-Vin Wine Saver System  
Most affordable way to preserve an opened bottle of wine.  Iíve written about this little gadget many times and must chide anyone who doesnít own one of these kits.  Kit has one pump and two stoppers.    Price  $12.95
A one-yearís subscription to the world famous wine criticís website will impress your wine buddies and keep you away from the low lying, cheap, freebie sites like Price  $99/one year


Wino Wally
Baltimore, MD
November 18, 2002



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