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BestCigarPrices.com - Buy cigars on line. BestCigarPrices.com purchases only the major brand cigars including Cuban cigars, humidors and cigar lighters.

BuyMyCigars.com - Cigars and more... from your favorite online retailer!  BuyMyCigars has been around for years and has been operating online since 2005.

Champagne Lady - Rosemary Zraly's bubbly site.

Closetwino - Not much content but plenty of closetwino merchandise

Danny Vegh's is one of the largest retailers of home bars and entertainment equipment in the United States.  One item that might interest our readers with some cash are the Wesley Bober bars.  These babies are made in Germany and the mechanisms are made by Daimler Benz.  At the touch of a button, the bar counter rises and the light goes on when it reaches the top.  Bars are equipped with German crystal glasses and decanters.  For Wino Bob's buddies, they also sell Harley Davidson bars with hand-carved insignias.

Dr Vino - Another PhD offers a light-hearted but informative website devoted to wine picks and politics.  Check it out.

The Finely Corked Boutique - The Wine Lover's Accessory Shop sells "the world's finest, most unique corkscrews and wine accessories."

Grandi Vini d'Italia - This is the major Italian website for searches on Italian wines, gourmet shops, and other wine related stuff. However, it is in Italian, not English. Need a translator if your interests peak here.

International Food and Wine Association - The IFWA is a non-profit association of food lovers with members ranging from producers and non-producers of food, owners of eateries, chefs and any food enthusiast from anywhere in the world.

Internet Wine Guide - A portal of links to wine sites around the world.

The Irish Wine Page - Also known as The Wrath of Grapes.  Nice site full of wine tasting notes, wine quotations, and other wine stuff.

JerseyCam.com - WinoBob encourages you to view New Jersey through the lens of these many web cams.

LocalWineEvents.com  An interesting site where winos can post their wine events or check for wine events in their geographic area.

Mano a Vino - Peter Conway's wine resources and experiences in and around Montclair, NJ, Manhattan, NY and the Riviera Maya, MX.

Mr. Wino - Wine site from a British wino who is on a mission to help you find the right wine club.

Quench is a bar invented by a Brit.  If James Bond owned a bar, this would be it.  It's a mobile bar, constructed in stainless steel, and is very sophisticated.  Check out the bar and the site!

Snooth - Home of WinoCarly, Snooth is a wine social-networking site featuring listings on nearly every wine ever grown & bottled, with info on specific wineries and regions.

The Spritied Shipper - Wine Shipping Boxes and Supplies - The Spirited Shipper features the Original Patented Wine Shipping Box and a unique selection of wine shipping boxes to keep your wine bottles safe and secure during shipping

Tampa Humidor - Tampa Humidor is the leader in providing quality humidors at unbelievable prices.

Travel Envoy - Travel Envoy's Wine Guide is a directory of more than 7000 wineries worldwide.   They also have articles on food & wine pairing, wine tasting notes, a free monthly e-newsletter and more.

The Traveling Vineyard - A team of Independent Personal Wine Consultants organize and run wine tasting parties.  They have two web sites.  Here is the other...

Wein-Plus.com - This is the English language sister site to Wein-Plus.de, one of the world's most popular German language wine sites.

Winegeeks.com - A wine e-zine specializing in wine reviews and food pairing.

Winehiker Witiculture - Russ Beebe is "The Winehiker".  He is a hiking wino from Sunnyvale, California, who blogs about hiking and drinking wine.  Check it out!

Wine Labels World - Wine labels from around the world.

Wine of the Week - Wine, food, books, news, reviews, interviews and features with the emphasis on New Zealand.  Hosted by Sue Courtney.

Wine-People Your online hangout for wine reviews, interviews and more...

Wine Price File 

The Wine Racks Shop - Offers wood wine racks for home wine cellars and wine rooms.

Wine Release  (Formerly WineReleaseDate.com) -  This site informs enthusiasts about upcoming fine wine release dates.  Over 600 wineries participating.

wino.com - Napa Valley FM radio station 90.5

www.restaurantwine.com - Check this one out for recommended wines in restaurants.


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