Who are we?

We are Bob and John, two guys from New Jersey who have become avid wine drinkers (aka winos).  If you were to compare us to Siskel and Ebert, Bob would be the skinny, dead guy and I would be the...well, the not-so-skinny, not-so-dead guy.  For a picture of winos Bob and John in their early, formative years, click here.

Wino Wally joined the foray shortly after the inception of WinoStuff.  Wally is some kind of financial brainoid with a definite bent toward fine wines and  techno-gadgetry.  He is also a world-class wino.  Check out Wally in the early days, click here.

Bob and John both work in the Electronics industry, an industry which has become the training ground for many famous winos around the world.  If you doubt this fact, check the background of some of the wine moguls of Napa Valley and you'll discover a Silicon Valley connection.  In fact, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard is now the head of Kendall Jackson.  I, John, have been a self-proclaimed wino for many years.  It is only within the last 5 years that Bob has come to realize the many benefits of mass wine consumption.  

This website is our pathetic attempt to finance our respective wine habits by soliciting advertising dollars from similarly afflicted individuals or corporations that could benefit from exposure on a high class site such as this.  If nothing else, we can now deduct our wine expenditures as legitimate business expenses.  OK, "legitimate" may be a stretch.  At least if we do get into financial trouble, Wino Wally can get us out.

As a matter of principal, and to ensure at least the perception of objectivity, all most of the wines reviewed on these pages were purchased by Bob, Wally, or John (or a trusted wino friend) at local retail outlets or over the internet. (That explains the glaring absence of any first-growth Bordeaux or California cult wines.)  All that could change, however, if someone was willing to actually give us some wine to review.   In any case, enjoy these pages, try the links, give us some feedback and, above all, drink more wine.

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(We reserve the right to publish anything that you may send us, thus humiliating you in front of millions thousands dozens of people around the world.)



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